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March 6, 2010

Synod Sermon

The opening Eucharist for the 93rd Synod of the Diocese of British Columbia was held at Christ Church Cathedral here in Victoria last night. The Right Rev. James Cowan celebrated and preached.

Bishop Cowan began his sermon with a story of watching two adult eagles teach their fledgling eagle to fly. He said, "We gather in this Synod with confidence that, even though we might not know what lies ahead, we have the promise 'I have born you on eagle's wings.'"

He went on to remind us of the history of the people of Israel who were called to be a priestly people in God's world, but "when they settled in the Promised Land, forgot what it meant to be a priestly people." He then cited the Book of Jonah in which God calls Israel to "get back to their priestly duty."

"Jesus," he said, "calls people to that priesthood, that going to the world to heal, to minister, to proclaim, to go into the world because the world is like a flock without a shepherd."

He concluded by quoting St. Augustine of Hippo who, after the Eucharistic prayer in the liturgy, would stand at the altar indicating the consecrated elements and declare, "Behold the mystery of yourselves laid out before you; behold what you are; become what you see." He urged us to consider what it might mean to go from the Eucharist out into the world to truly be a holy priesthood serving the world.

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