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March 8, 2010

Sunday March 7 Synod Resolutions

When we began our work at the 93rd Synod of the Diocese of BC, Sunday morning at 9:00 there were 34 Diocesan Transformation Team motions remaining to debate plus 28 on a no debate list. There were also seven other motions to deal with, not directly related to DTT. Sunday's schedule called for us to finish our work with "Closing Reflections from the Primate" at 2:30. This proved impossible and at 3:30 Bishop Cowan announced that we would be adjourning to a special day long Synod to be held on a Saturday some time before May 2.

Sunday's debates were complex and passionate. We entertained amendments to motions and amendments to amendments. There were many procedural questions and points of order brought to the chair. The substantial changes to the Diocese that take effect at the present emerging from Sunday's work are:

The disestablishment of St. Andrew Cowichan Station; sell or lease; Parishioners encouraged to join new hub church

The disposal of Good Shepherd, South Pender, and sell of property

When we reconvene, we will deal with motions relating to churches in the Malaspina Region, none of which calls for any substantive changes at this time.

We will deal with motions "concerning procedures," including 12.4 - "Develop new 'scorecard' for healthy churches in line with a missional church culture."

Other motions that will be debated at our special one day Synod relate to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the funding of Curacies, funding of new initiatives in ministry, Same-Sex Blessings.

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