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March 7, 2010

Diocesan Transformation Team Report Resolutions

There are 48 DTT motions on the debate list. Last night we dealt with 13. Results are listed below.

Motion One which passed with almost no debate states: That the Synod of the Diocese of British Columbia agree in principle with the intention and urgency of the Diocesan Transformation Team Report, encouraging conversion towards a new emphasis on Mission and life-changing growth in the name of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and on developing new ways of being and doing church, while honoring the best of Anglican Tradition.

Motion Two relates to how the funds of disestablished parishes will be handled and, after much debate and revision, was sent back for a rewrite.

Motion Three established a Diocesan fund for establishing new initiatives in ministry.

After these three introductory motions we began moving through each of the remaining motions one by one dealing with them by Region, beginning with:

Selkirk Region

Here, with almost no debate, we voted to disestablish:

St. Paul Esquimalt, St. Saviour Vic West, St. Martin in the Field, St. Columba Strawberry Vale, All Saints View Royal and make St. Paul Esquimalt a hub church for the area to be re-dedicated with a new name.

Tolmie Region

Five motions were presented affecting the Tolmie Region. There was much more debate here. We voted that:

5.1 "St. Philip, Oak Bay: Disestablish; Move to St. Mary,Oak Bay site; Sell or lease St. Philip's site."

Permission was granted to distribute a joint letter from St. Philip and St. Mary expressing the understanding of these two communities regarding six commitments they believe have been received by the Diocese about how this plan might proceed.

There was some debate about the nature of this motion, whether this was an absolute mandate, or a recommendation to continue the conversation between St. Philip and St. Mary to ascertain whether in fact this was a workable plan. It seems that the passing of this motion is a mandate to bring this motion into effect in the absence of insurmountable roadblocks.

The Chancellor also ruled that, between Synods, Diocesan Council acts as Synod and has the power to alter Synod decisions. There is therefore recourse for the two parishes to appeal to Diocesan Council in the event that the plan begins to appear unworkable.

5.2 "St. Mary, Oak Bay: Disestablish; St. Philip's congregation move to St. Mary's site; Re-dedicate church with new name." Passed with no debate.

5.3 "St. Dunstan: Disestablish; Become hub church for area; Re-dedicate with new name." Passed without debate.

Motion 5.4 "St. David, Cordova Bay: Disestablish; Sell or lease; Encourage parishioners to join new hub church." This motion generated considerable debate. It was eventually tabled and Motion 26 was moved.

Motion 26 "And with the support of St. Michael and All Angles, that Synod suspend Motions 5.4 and 5.5 in order to allow appropriate time for continuation of significant discussions between the congregations of St. Peter (Lakehill), St. David by the Sea and St. Michael and All Angels, in consultation with the Bishop and the DTT. The objectives would be: to establish an evangelically-driven initiative of shared ministry between the three congregations; and to confirm the financial viability of the plan for shared ministry. The motion will be revisited in one year (by Diocesan Council) or at a subsequent Synod."

This motion passed, preempting Motion 5.5.

The Fourth Sitting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

1 comment:

Christopher R. Jones said...

So it seems that your parish church is deestablishing itself. That is too bad as I see that 100 American Anglican Churches are moving to the Catholic Church. "About 100 traditionalist Anglican parishes across the United States have decided to convert en masse to the Roman Catholic Church, it emerged yesterday."

Why couldn't Canadian Anglicans do the same thing and save the Anglican Church of Canada all the bother? I myself have felt my Anglican parish left me many years ago - which is why I couldn't go there anymore (plus they acquired a women minister who IMHO failed in her duty). Pity, I have seriously considered taking the Pop up on his offer.