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March 7, 2010

Diocesan Transformation Team Report Introduction

The DTT Report was introduced with a Power Point presentation presented by Jeanette Muzio. My brief notes follow.

We know that change hurts. Having said that, we must be aware of what is happening in our world.

We live in a post-Christian society in an area where 36% of people claim to be spiritual but not religious.

The thrust of this report is on the call to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus.

If current trends continue the Anglican Church of Canada will be extinct in 2061.

In the CRD there are 25 Anglican Churches, 17 United Church, 12 Roman Catholic, 11 Baptist.

We tried transactional change (small changes to keep us afloat); it did not work. The status quo will not work. We need transformational change, not just trying to do what we have always done only doing it a little better.

What is transactional change? It is an effort to preserve the core - the best of the past, but discovering new ways of doing church. It means creating "Hub" churches with enough critical mass to do ministry. It means moving from maintenance to mission.

The Report challenges us to steward our resources and to embrace the future, daring to dream, beginning with ourselves.

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