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April 10, 2009


Last night we celebrated our Seder Supper. I was asked and could not remember what the word "seder" means. "Seder" is the Hebrew word for "order" or "arrangement." It refers simply to the fact that the meal follows a particular pattern or ritual. The actions have meaning that refers back to the traditions and heritage of the Hebrew people.

Some people believe Christians should not use the rituals of the Seder meal in a Christian context. For Christians to celebrate "Seder" is seen as disrespectful to Jewish faith.

If you had been with us last night, you would have seen a group of people from as young as eleven months, to as old as late 80's celebrating together their faith in the liberting work of God throughout history. You would have experienced the transforming faith of a group of people who trace the "order" of God at work throughout human history and who understand this work to find its fulfillment in the person of a Hebrew man named Jesus.

There is no disrespect to the history and tradition of the Jewish people. God's faithfulness to the Jewish people is honoured and celebrated in our Seder observance. We see ourselves, through Jesus, linked to the Jewish people, sharing in their rich heritage and rejoicing in the presence of God at work in this great tradition of faith.

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