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August 22, 2008

Where is My Confidence? pt. II

I finished writing "Where Is My Confidence" on Wednesday, hit "Publish Post" and my entire Blog disappeared. I was left with the first few paragraphs of my last Post; the rest was blank - blogger nightmare, just when I was beginning to develop a tiny bit of "Confidence" that I might be able to function in the blog world!

What should I do?

My first response was to call my faithful beloved techno-savy wife. Heather is an incredibly capable, patient, computer-smart-person. Unfortunately, she has absolutely no experience in the blog world. Even after trying her best, she was unable to resurrect my lost words. My next strategy was to phone the computer-smart-person who set up my blog. In ten minutes he had the whole thing up and running again. My blog was saved!

Just after this experience I was rereading Raimon Panikkar's Christophany (for the third time, still finding much of it incomprehensible). I came across the following quote that seemed so relevant to my dilemma and to my "Confidence" post.

To listen and remain silent so as to learn how to “read” one’s own heart” then it is that we realize we cannot make it on our own. We need others. It is precisely this situation that constitutes the mystery of the human community, the communion (koinonia) of the mystical body.

If I had been put in charge of organizing the universe, I would not have have set things up this way. I would have made it possible for, at least me, to function happily in splendid isolation, dependent upon no one but myself. But computers, blogs, life will not let me get away with this. As Panikkar says later in Christophany "Relation is the fundamental category that governs all that is."

The truth is, "We need others." We are designed to function within the parameters of "the mystery of the human community." I will always be computer-challenged. I will always be challenged in many ways. So there will always be times when I need to let you carry me. And there will be times when I may be able to carry you.

Jesus said to his followers, "You are the light of the world." (Matthew 5:14) There will always be situations that cause me to lose confidence in the goodness and beauty of life. Then I will need you to be the light for me. I pray that, when your confidence is shaken, I may be light for you. Then we will be the "mystical body" that is the presence of Christ shining in the world.

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